The System

How the electronic braking system works:
The following information is only intended to give you a background to our braking system. In reality there is nothing for the customer to do!

Our system is fully automatic and involves connecting no cables, etc. you don't even have to remember to turn the system on - as soon as you plug the car and motorhome together the intelligent system sets itself up.

A motion sensor controls our braking system, which is standard technology used in some mobile phones and computer game consoles. A special silicon chip measures your motorhome thousands of times per second, so it is fully aware of the vehicle's movements: it senses if you going uphill, downhill or in reverse and most importantly at what rate you are braking.

As you apply the brakes, the sensor converts this data and commands an electronic motor to apply the brakes on the tow-car. Uniquely, this gives 100% proportional braking. In an emergency stop, your tow-car will emergency stop without locking the wheels. If you are just touching the brakes on your motorhome coming down a hill, for example, the tow-car will only apply its brakes lightly reducing brake wear and overheating.

The unique system from Tow-Bars 2 Tow-Cars Ltd uses modern technology to offer you complete peace of mind. Read on to learn more about our Product Testing and Approvals.

Tow-Bars 2 Tow-Cars has an extensive experience of automotive electronics and vehicle engineering. When we decided to offer a market beating product we were determined that it would be testing thoroughly and comply with all prevailing legislation.

The A-frame and braking system was designed in such a way that testing could be carried out all stages to ensure that the whole package complies with the law. A large amount of time and money has been invested to ensure that the product is CE compliant and that it is by far the easiest system for you to use.

Millbrook testing:

Millbrook Testing Graph

Above, testing at Millbrook proved that the towed cars stability actually increased under heavy braking when the Tow-Bars 2 Tow-Cars electronic system was activated.

Tested at 60kmh and 80kmh. Mean Fully Developed Deceleration (m/s2) plotted against pedal effort in dN.

Millbrook Cover

Millbrook is one of Europes leading locations for the development and demonstration of every type of land vehicle, from motorcycles and passenger cars to heavy commercial, military and off-road vehicles. The Tow-Bars 2 Tow-Cars electronically braked A-frame was sent on an intensive testing programme to ensure that the braking system fitted complied with all laws. The system had to meet the 50% braking efficiency test: it passed with flying colours, easily achieving this goal.

Destruction testing:

The aim of this test was to put the system "through the mill" ensuring all parts could handle the toughest abuse possible. A Toyota Aygo with the Tow-Bars 2 Tow-Cars conversion was taken to the Kirton Lindsey off-road course behind a Mitsubishi L200 4x4. The off-road course is usually used to put extreme 4x4 vehicles through their paces. After a full day of being towed around the course using our electronically braked A-frame the Toyota Aygo was disconnected and driven home with the A-frame performing perfectly. This proved beyond all doubt that our sturdy A-frame system will take any gruelling punishment.

Millbrook Destruction Testing

Electronic Testing:

The electronics used in our systems are commonly used in childrens games consoles and mobile phones. To ensure that they perform in the automotive world full EMC testing has been carried out. This includes electronic interference testing to ensure that will not interfere with the vehicle's own electrics.

The end result of all of this testing is that we can issue a Statement of CE Compliance which all authorities recognise as the defecto standard. This also ensures we can give a one year warranty on our product as we are sure it is completely reliable.

When you purchase a vehicle and A-frame system from Tow-Bars 2 Tow-Cars you can be fully confident knowing that you are buying a totally unique, approved, highly versatile and easy to use package that will enable you to tow a car behind your motorhome with ease.

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