Q: You are based a long way from us: why don't you have any fitting agents nearer to us?

A: We believe in fitting the system professionally. When using fitting agents they are only as good as the amount they are paid. It is in their interest to fit your car as quickly as possible and often their interests are put before you, the customer. By doing everything in-house our trained skilled engineers will convert your vehicle professionally, as this is what they do all day - every day 

Q: How does the system communicate to my tow car behind how hard I am braking in my motorhome?

A: We fit a special electronic sensor in the tow-car which generates data on the degree of braking being generated by the Motorhome. This is sent to an electric motor on the tow-car, which applies the brakes using the brake pedal at exactly the same proportion as your braking. The system is set to give a maximum of 60% braking efficiency, with the maximum required being 50%.

Q: How does the car turn behind my motorhome?

A: Once the system is attached, the vehicle follows the path of the motorhome using the castor action built into all cars. That’s why the steering lock is set to the auxillary position

Q: Will this scrub the tyres on my tow-car?

A: No, the tow-cars steering lock is left in Position 1 when towing, which allows the free movement of the front wheels. The vehicle is also towed at the right height as per the manufacturers design. By using the levels of the existing towing eye, you are not pulling the car down or lifting it up.

Q: By leaving the key in the ignition on my tow-car, doesn't this increase the chance of having it stolen?

A: No. The tow-cars we provide can be supplied with 2 keys, one allows the steering column to be released in ignition key in Position 1, the second allows you to lock the doors. A blank key can be cut to order as an extra to prevent the vehicle starting in event of unauthorised access.

Q: Does the tow-car clock up mileage when I am towing it?

A: No. The mileage counter (odometer) of these cars only advances when the ignition is on Position 2, which is not needed by our system. So no mileage is recorded when towing.

Q: Can I reverse the tow-car behind my motorhome?

A: Yes. The unique A-frame design allows the vehicle to be reversed. There is NO sliding hitch like on a caravan, so it will go backwards. There is also an inherent drag within the steering motor on most vehicles, so the wheels do not "flop about". If you are still not convinced, please ask us for a demonstration.

Q: I have heard that these systems are illegal abroad: Is this the case?

A:  The system has been designed in such a way that it meets all the requirements of the UK department of Transport. i.e.

1. If brakes are fitted to a trailer (tow-car) then they must work irrespective of the weight of the vehicle.

2. The overall braking efficiency must be proven to be over 50% of the train (motorhome + tow-car), whilst this is impossible to prove using a sliding hitch. Our system has been to the Millbrook proving grounds (the DVLA government approved testing ground for all things automotive) and because the brakes are applied electronically this has been tested to be above the legal minimum.

3. The trailer (tow-car)must be able to be reversed without the operator moving from the driving seat of the towing vehicle. The unique A-frame design allows the vehicle to be reversed.

4. All rear lights must work from the motorhome controls excluding reversing lights. All of our vehicles are wired to comply. You must have a  fully wired 13 pin socket on your Motorhome.  

5. A break-away system must be fitted to apply the brakes in the event of an emergency. All of our vehicles have an electronic break-away system fitted that applies all 4 brakes in the event of an emergancy.

With this approval of the UK D.o.T. under the Vienna convention on Transport 1958 any vehicle registered in the UK is allowed free passage in all EU states for up to 6 Months in any one period. The only exception to this being Spain which never ratified the agreement    

Q: That's all well and good but how do I explain this in a foreign country?

A: We supply all of our customers with a CE certificate proving that our system is safe to be used in Europe. We also supply in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese information on our towing system and how it complies with the law. We have had vehicles stopped for spot checks but no customer has been forced to remove their tow car or been fined (other than Spain).

Q: What happens if something goes wrong with the system?

A: First and foremost we fully warrant all our work so if there are any problems we will resolve them. Should a fault occur the system is programmed to automatically back all the brakes off and go into "idle" mode. The system has its own fuse, which will open before damaging either the motorhome or tow-car electrics.

Q: I want an automatic transmission - Is this possible?

A: YES. There are a few options: we will convert the Toyota Aygo and the Peugeot 107, Peugeot 108 and Fiat panda which are all available in an automatic. The manufacturer has confirmed in writing that they are suitable for towing as, although they drive like an automatic, they are actually fitted with a manual gearbox which is changed with electronic stepper motors.

Q: Does my frame need to be braked?

A: Yes. All towing frames regardless of the weight of the tow-car, must have a braking system. The rules state that if brakes are fitted they must work.

Q: What about electrics/lights?

A: In all of our conversions the vehicle if fitted with a "suzi" cable. This controls all the rear light on the tow-car. This is included in the price.

Q: Can I reverse with the frame?

A: Yes, Please watch our video on the website so you can see it with your own eyes

Q: How much does the frame weigh?

A: Only 10 kg. Most other systems are over 20 kg.

Q: What do I do about displaying the correct registration number?

A: A number plate is supplied to match your motorhome this is attached with a quick change numberplate holder for ease of use.

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